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My Trip to Warren Anatomical Museum

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It was not very easy to find - but that was primarily because I didn't
have a map so I just wandered around the Longwood area on my bicycle
until I finally stumbled upon Shattuck St. Then I finally realized
that the building at the very end of the street is what I wanted. The
Countway Library.

On the fifth floor is the museum. Very small; just a few display
cases; but the displays were fascinating in a morbid sort of way.
There were old anatomical models - which were really dried body
parts. The veins had been injected with wax so that they would be
visible. A note said that the doctor would dry these body parts on
his bedroom windowsill. Must have been quite the conversation piece
when he brought the ladies over :).

There were nasty implements of old medical science - huge forceps for
extracting babies, quite LARGE items which the notes claimed where put
in through the urethra. But making up for those scary items were the
gorgeous surgery kits; ivory handles on green felt.

I finally know just what it looks like when someone has Rickets (you
definitely don't want it). The co-joined twins skeleton was
fascinating - it looked like it must have been fake (one _hopes_ it
was fake but it wasn't).

Very interesting was the items about Phineas Gage. The actual tamping
rod that had gone clear through his skull was sitting there in the

Luckily I was blissfully unaware of the 'No Photography' signs until I
had taken the pictures I wanted.

(My pictures are at flickr: