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Thinking About How the Click-click-click Noise of a 3-speed Hub Is a Happy Noise(tm) for Me.

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Been riding the blue BSA (Birmingham Small Arms Co.) 3-speed a bit
lately (even though it has decided that 2nd gear may disappear into
neutral every-so-often, especially when in traffic! (but i tried the
adjustment the helpful mechanic at Harris Cyclery suggested and it
worked a bit, so I'll have to try it more carefully. I can probably
get it working from the rest of the season and then bring it into the
shop for a hub overhaul during the winter)). The click-click-click
noise of the hub makes me smile; it cheers me up.

Maybe I'm remembering being a little kid riding my first non-training
wheeled bike with my mother. She'd be on her gold Columbia, basket in
front and baskets on back, doing errands and I'd be pedaling along
with her. We'd go across town to Aunt Alice (a vague relation of mine
who was termed 'aunt'. My mother did grocery shopping for her, and
when she finally passed on at 104 my mother was the executrix of her
will. Thank you again Aunt Alice for leaving me the bookcase full of
books (romance novels from the 1920's) and the oriental rugs. Her
house was a cute little mansard-roofed 3 bedroom house just a little
way from the center of Franklin, she always had Canadian mints in a
bowl in the living room which she would offer me when we came over...)
or we'd go uptown to the bank (where i had an account from before i
can remember, i was always known as "Sofie's Son").

The click-click-click as i sit up, coasting along, looking at the
trees, the ducks, the geese, the river, the joggers, the loungers, the
other cyclists - this is a happy thing.

Can't wait for the black Schwinn to be back from the shop (it was
almost fixed but before i took it home the hub showed its true colors
and would not shift well - so it is getting overhauled not just
adjusted. Sturmey-Archer hubs are generally considered worth it. In
theory if it is fix-able it will outlive me).