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Bemoaning My Inexpertly Done Bicycle Repair; Also My Failure to Call Before Walking to the Nearby Bike Shop That Is Closed.

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I fixed my rear flat tire last night on the blue BSA. Been a while
since i repaired a rear tire without quick release skewers and first
time doing it with a coaster brake. Took it for a spin and things
seemed good - even seemed to have improved the gear situation.

Part way to work however the gears started doing funny things and then
i realized it was a LOT tougher to pedal. Turns out the wheel seems
to have slipped a bit in the dropouts so now instead of being nicely
straight: |, it is at an angle: /. I don't think the wheel itself is
way out of true - it is just not sitting right.

Revolution Bikes should have been the nearest place for me to go -
near South Station. Took a walk there dragging the bike along... to
find it closed. Called and got no answer. I wish i had called

So after work i'll walk a bit further to Community Bicycle on Tremont
St. in hopes they will do the quick repair needed so i can get the
bike home.

Also hopefully tomorrow Harris will in fact have fixed the Black
Schwinn so i can put aside the Blue BSA until i can get it repaired