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Writing in Journal While Listening to Skeptics Guide Podcast.

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It is National Novel Writing Month ( and while Wendy
has decided to do that it is not something that i am interested in.

However i have chosen to do something writing wise every day. I will
write in my Journal every day. Along with that i'll be trying to update
Twitter/Posterous every day as well. (I missed out on the first day of
this self-goal due to a really nasty headache last night and i had
stupidly left the journal writing until the evening... i have learned
that lesson).

(Hmm there seems to be a National Blog Posting Month
( I'll look into that.)

Our week off in honor of our anniversary was good, but at the same time
disappointing. First i came down with a cold on Saturday and then Wendy
caught if from me. So we were both sick, but we were together. That
was the important thing. We can have a anniversary dinner sometime in
the next week when we are both feeling better.