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Sitting Down After Pleasant (but VERY WINDY) Bike Ride With Wendy to Pick Up a Book (Which Is Her Reward for Meeting Her NaNoWriMo Goal)

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The Black Schwinn is working out well even without first gear. However
there is some sort of shimmy in the front or rear wheel and the saddle &
stem are too low. Raised those some and will have to look into the

The ride down the Esplanade was lovely; but very very windy. Coming
back with the wind in our faces we decided to walk some - i think it was
faster. I knew we were riding slowly when a jogger passed us.

This afternoon's plan: reading Dark Heresy rules, laundry, other reading
and maybe some programming (Project Euler probably). Wendy will be
writing her novel. When she reaches her goal for the weekend she can
sit down and read the book she bought - but not before!