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Skimming/rereading Refactoring[Fowler]. Why Didn't This Stuff Sink in Earlier? Also Feeling a Bit Dumb - I Could Do OO Better.

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Looking at what was written i see plenty of TDD (or at least plenty of
unit testing) which leverages the ability to refactor; and leverages the
ability to make changes quickly and thus be quicker to deliver those

 I also see plenty about simple design vs. big up-front design.

 Why didn't this stuff get into my head when i first read this book?
Nowadays I'm all over this "agile" stuff.

 Also i feel like i do OO pretty poorly. I need to work or that more -
to be more proficient at it. I guess i am just much more of a
declarative/imperative sort of programmer at present (even after all
this time working in OO languages).