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Digging Through Large Contribution to My TNEF Project From Someone in France. Wow This Guy Did His Homework! - and Now I Must Do Mine!

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First he explained all this work he did to find out that my TNEF
application was not in fact wrong for the recent spate of 'wrong
checksum' and 'bogus size' bugs but instead is a problem with the MIME
decoding. At least for his environment he finds that mimedecode is
assuming Unix line endings (!?) so the decoded file is messed up - then
of course, tnef gets very confused.

 Then he goes on to offer a bunch of bug fixes (embarrassing) and new
features with respect to MAPI properties.

 >From his email i found that Microsoft has published a new copy of the
TNEF spec (not a new _version_ just a nice PDF copy - which is written
differently). So i need to review this and make sure my tnef
application is working correctly - i can use this in my TDD rewrite!

 So now I've got some work to do - digging through his contributions and
seeing which are worth integrating (probably all!)