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OMG: I Can See the Fnords! (or Least One...)

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Getting off the Red Line in Harvard Sq. after work today i saw a small
sticker pasted over the writing that is just to the side of the doors.
The small sticker said simply "fnord".

 Of course these stickers have existed for decades now i am sure. But
somehow, coincidentally, improbably, i have never seen one until just
now - a mere week(-ish) or so after i read The Illumanatus! Trilogy.
(No, i had never read the damn thing before... yeah, yeah i know i am
some 20+ years late on it... so sue me!).

 I wish i had seen it earlier so i could have at least gotten a cellphone
picture of it. But of course what would it have looked like? A digital
photograph of a fnord?