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Co-commuter and I Both Decided to Start Saying 'Hi' to Each Other Today on #bikecommute

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I've recognized that this guy is the same guy I pass every day for about
2 weeks; he goes out-bound and I go in-bound in the morning; vice versa
in the evening. I guess we have similar schedules.

 The last week or so I decided I should be friendly and nod and smile as
we pass. This morning I decided that if we passed, I'd say 'hi'. After all we
know each other now after a week of nodding and smiling ("I'm a biker,
you're a biker, we're both bikers" type nod-n-smile).

 Turns out he decided that today was also the day to say 'hi'. As we
passed we both pretty much simultaneously said 'good morning'.

 Friendly coincidence.