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All My Good Intentions for Learning Formed at #scna and #agile2009 Have Been Sqashed by Long Work Hours.

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After having a great time at SCNA and Agile2009 and deciding that I
was really behind in my professional learning/development - all my
plans for sharpening my skills, learning a new language etc have been
put aside due to long work hours.

It is definately not a sustainable pace; the end of this spurt is in
site. I won't need to, and won't be able to, keep this pace up for
much past Oct 1.

In the end of November and December there will be again some long hard
hours as we get this product ready to ship.

I am really feeling the loss of time for learning. I came away from
those conferences with a real sense of excitement an drive. I started
learning Ruby and that language itself was exciting to me. It all
started slipping away as I got busier at work.