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Wondering if There Is One Agile Practice/principal Which Is Key - Without It You Screwed. Am Thinking It Is 'Team'.

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Why 'Team'? I feel that without a committed team all the other
practices will fall off - stories will be allowed to be not completed,
to be said to be done without being really *DONE*. Unit testing will
drop off, acceptance tests will be allowed to fail etc..

Why do I even wonder if there is /one/ central thing? When I first
learned this whole Agile thing I saw a diagram of the XP technical
practices and how they interrelated and it happen to show TDD in the
center. Since TDD was the thing that I really latched on to in the
beginning the diagram was great to me - it showed the centrality of
this important (to me) practice. Since then I've come to realize that
probably none of those technical practices are truly central - they
rely upon one another an can be replace with other (but not
necessarily as good) practices (i.e. code reviews for pair

But I still have the thought that maybe some thing is mandatory -
without it Agile (in whatever flavor) is just not going to work.

Last night at dinner after the Agile Bazaar mini-conference I brought
up this idea to Ron (whose last name escapes me currently - his
business card is at home) and he suggested it was Flow (from the Lean
camp). I think I can see his point; but I am still thinking it is
Team. Without a committed team how could you have good flow?

Need to roll this around in my head a bit - and maybe bounce it off
some more smart people t see if there is any merit to this line of