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Did Not Let Forecasted Rain Keep Me From My #bikecommute. I Will Be Damp - but Happy!

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This morning when i thought - "damn it is going to be raining hard - i
wont' ride my bike today" i realized i got a little down, a little
sad. So i reconsidered - got my windbreaker out (not waterproof - but
water "resistant") and rode in anyway.

The rain hit me about 1/3 into the ride - but it never got very heavy
so i am only slightly damp. More sweaty than rain-wet. The
windbreaker keeps me very warm and it is unseasonably HOT out there.

I may ditch on the ride home and pick my bike up from work over the
weekend because it might be REALLY raining then. But maybe not -
maybe i'll ride home in the rain and get really soaked - i can always
hop in the shower and put on dry clothes when i get home.

I don't want to let the weather keep me from riding as much as it did
last year and the year before. I do still need to get some better
clothing for rain and cold. I am determined to ride as much as i can
and not just be a fair weather rider.