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Ride Report: Harvard to Alewife Bike Route Signage.

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Yesterday, coming back from my ride to Concord, I saw a sign at Alewife directing me to the route to Harvard Square and the Charles River. The route seemed to just dump me onto Rings Avenue so I figured either the signage was bad or I took a wrong turn. I decided to try again today.

Starting at JFK park I followed the signs to Brattle  Street, there I thought I missed a sign because there was no signs for blocks.  Finally a sign pointed me down Lake View Avenue which ends right on Fresh Pond next to the old Tokyo restaurant.

I missed a sign so I stayed on the near side of the street instead of crossing, thus making my ride a little less pleasant.

Once at Alewife I saw the sign from yesterday and realized I had misread it. I had gone left under Route 2 but the sign pointed straight to stay on the side with the station.  Following it it led me back around to the Tokyo where my first missed sign was.

I looked all around but could not find a sign directing me at this point.  The only legal choice was Vassal Lane, but issues of legality never seem to matter to many cyclists so a sign here would be good.  As with Brattle there were no signs until the turn.  While it is safe to go straight until you get to a sign some confirmation that one is on the right street would be great.

The route was perhaps less direct but turned out to be more pleasant than I might have picked.

I commend the city for the signage and will suggest a few more to help people know they are on the right track.