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Does Software Craftstmanship Have 'Survival Fitnesse' in My Environment? (Comment on @unclebobmartin QCon Keynote 2010)

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(Short comment on "Convincing Others' slide from Bob Martin's QCon 2010
Keynote (~0:45:00 - 0:47:00 in the video

Uncle Bob suggests that simply doing the best job you can, and sticking
to your principles and disciplines can convince others that the
craftsmanship approach is a better one.

However that assumes that the Software Craftsmanship has a survival
fitnesse greater than other approaches in your environment.

If you are working in an environment where non-craftsmen are seen to be
better (more features produced faster) than the craftsman (less features
produced slower, but _better_) then no one will be convinced to change
behavior. In such an environment there is no REASON to change - in fact
changing would be detrimental.

I currently fear that I work in such an environment.

(I fully understand that this is a case of 'change your organization or
change your organization' (stress on the latter) - and I HAVE stuck with
this position for too long given the conflict on values that seem to