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Well That Went Well - DMing AD&D1e for the First Time in Years...

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In my normal gaming group the usual suspects of who runs the games
didn't have any big ideas and/or were busy with real life to put the
work into a big story. So I took a risk and said I'd run a AD&D 1e
game, some module I had, just to keep the dice rolling.

Well, my first session was tonight, the two main people in our gaming
group showed up and with their 4 characters total they met most of the
important people in the quaint Village of Hommlet. The players seemed
to enjoy themselves, and I did as well.

I had too much fun over-acting several NPCs and also kept them on their
toes a bit when the young hobbit thief wanted to do some
extra-curricular activities the minute he entered town.

Next session they will be heading to the moat house and we'll see how
well they will survive that. It would be smart of them to take on some
help, hirelings or just let some of the NPCs join them. But who to
trust?! Zert the smooth talking fighter? Turuko & his big, dumb friend
Kobort? Or maybe Elmo the fall down drunk son of the Captain of the

I know who they should and should not pick, and am pleased to see that
they may be making some poor decisions... its more fun that way :).