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Second Successful DMing! A Character Death, Treasure and XP

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The characters, two from last time and two new ones went off the
moathouse (/FINALLY/). They hired Kobort & Turoko to come along. I
haven't decided just when/if those two will double cross the group, but
so far the time has not been right.

They encountered the infamous Giant Frogs in front the moathouse. The
Giant Frogs which are well know to TPK plenty of groups did not roll too
well and there were no deaths. One halfling swallowed but managed to
get out, and couple people brought to near 0 HP.

They quickly scampered back to town and I was kind and allowed the
Cleric from the player who could not make it to do some Cure Light
Wounds so they only lost a day in town.

Again they went back, and again they took their sweet time doing
anything - but they found the Spider! or more like it found them and
started to gnaw on a halfling's head (same halfling as above). Finally
before getting killed itself it managed to sink is fangs into the Magic
User who succumbed to its poison. Poor magic user, never actually cast any spells in this game.

So then back again to town, a smidge of loot dispersal and Players had
to go home early so we called it there.

Fun was had. Dice were rolled. Monsters killed. It was successful.