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Rode a 1/3 Century!

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My goal today was to ride a “marathon” – but in the end I extended myself to 1/3 century. Given that I had some errands to run I just made that the “reason” for my trip. I rode Gale. Gale Gale is a 39 year old, many-10s of pounds 3 speed. She’s awesome. 

First to get fitted for a tux – that was easy – but I realized that my bike computer wasn’t zeroed out so I did that when I got to the mall – so 2.5-3 miles is actually missing from the rest of this story.

Then to the vet – over the hills of Brookline – to get cat food. Ugh the hills killed my knees because I took them too aggressively. The 8lb bag made the bike a bit wobbly – but made it home OK.

Then I rode off to the office to load up both panniers with books from the office – no reason to leave the books there anymore. Two panniers FULL of compsci books made the bike VERY wiggly, had to be very careful. A protest in the common right where I get into it diverted me around the common on the street – which gave me the opportunity to see and say Hi to a coworker, Heather Kanser.

Now, home again, I had to go back out to get mileage. I decided to head to Fresh Pond and take a ride around. Lovely ride but the clouds were gathering and then the “lovely” spring rain started. Cold but refreshing. The path around the reservoir was annoying – LOTS of dog walking – will need to check if bicycles are even allowed on the path – maybe not.

It was on the way back that I got to my first goal, a marathon of riding: A marathon of
riding and I decided to push on to 1/3 century – but where to go? Why the Squirrel Brand Company building: Squirrel Brand
Company. Heading towards home I realized I needed to pad my ride a bit more – so I just took a LONG way home – and riding through a COLD rain – and then finally: 33.33

Got home a very short ride later and my final ride was just a bit over 1/3 century Final
Tally. Average speed just over 10mph. 

Other than my knees bothering me a bit (due to the overly aggressive early riding) I’m feeling good. Going to go get some Chinese food!

LoseIt helpfully tells me that my ride burned 1424 calories. Means I can eat plenty of it without worry. Yum.