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Change Your Organization or Change Your Organization

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Several years ago I was pointed to Martin Fowler’s quote. For the next few years I tried the first half of the quote. It was hard bit I didn’t really have much luck. Sometimes I felt like giving up; quitting or worse - going with the flow. I sometimes wanted to let the people and company do what it wanted and let the chips fall - at least I would be able to say “I told you so”.

Finally I decided to follow the second part of the quote; and that is what I’ve done. In some ways it feels a little like quitting or giving up. But trying to change the organization that doesn’t want to change is very tiring.

I hope that the new organization will be a better fit for me.

Fit. I think that is the key. The company was a good fit for me, but not any more. We no longer fit; and so since I cannot work to change them, I’ll do the changing.

Hope I’ll get over feeling like I’ve failed.