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Century Ride Report

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This is what a completed century looks like: DONE Everything else are just details.

The dramatis personae of this story are: a 40 year old male: myself and a 39 year-old lady Gale

The trip was approximately[1] the following route.

The fact that it ended up being a Century was a bit of a self-trick on my part. I planned on the trip to Salem and maybe further. Of course when i got to Salem I felt great (only 15-20 miles) so I went off to Manchester-by-the-sea; and still felt great so off to Gloucester etc. Thus after 50 miles I was standing on the train platform in Rockport looking at the sign: Inbound to Boston and thinking – yes, time to head back.

Along the way I saw some lovely sea-sides, like the dock at Rockport where Gale posed for me Gale at the water's edge and Independence Beach in Beverly: Left Side Right Side Also somewhere, I passed this lovely marsh: a lovely marsh

It wasn’t all lovely however, the roads were not always pleasant, the hills steep, and the pilgrims unfriendly: Conant disapproves of this frivolous travel on a Sunday!

Salem, where I took my longest stop in either direction seemed to have only one bike rack in the center of town The official Salem Bike Rack(tm) The sad monuments in Gloucester made me remember the loved one I left behind when I “[went] down to the sea [by bike]” Loved ones left behind They that go down to the sea in ships

In the end it was a great trip. The day was lovely and I managed not to back down from the challenge. I set myself a goal of riding a century this year and have done it. It’s very good to know that I can set myself a goal and carry it out. I hope to take this knowledge and remind myself of it when I hit low points in my other goals/projects.



[1] (I say approximately since I took several wrong turns here and there (more like wrong straight-ons-when-should-have-turned-s) but that luckily found a slightly nicer track right when I got into Beverly by going on Lothrop Street which led me along the water.)