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It Has Occurred to Me That D&D Is Opposite of Normal Mythology

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In normal mythology the far past golden-age was an age when people were
stronger, more beautiful and intelligent than they are now. We have
diminished over time.

With D&D it is the opposite:


* In 1974 D&D heroes had +1 bonuses if they were lucky. You got d6 hit
points and you were happy (pretty good for the magic user actually).
Everything did d6 damage. Magic was smaller and rarer - there was no
such thing as Magic Missile. Clerics didn't even get a spell until
second level and getting to second level was hard!

* In AD&D they could get +3, or even the the amazing +3/+6 with 18/00
STR. Fighters got d10 hit points and it was amazing! Magic was more awesome, but still not everyone had it.

* In 2nd edition characters got SKILLS! Clerics had powers

* In 3rd edition characters had /FEATS/! It was like everyone got a
bit of magic now! And people started talking about BUYING magic
items - those things were for sale now in game worlds!

* In 4th edition - this is the golden age. First level characters have
double digit hip points and do massive damage. There are lots of
'magical' abilities for everyone. I'm sure the local beggars have
some sort of daily begging powers or something. Everyone is studly
and puissant.

Thus D&D is the opposite of mythology in a way. But also in a way I
think we may have still diminished a little along the way.