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\LaTeX Blog Posting - a Test Post.

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I have had some annoying problems recently making posterous blog posts via email using markdown.

These problems have made me feel foolish - like I can’t get something /simple/ right. Or even more importantly, like I am incapable of simple copy editing.

Thus I am writing this test blog post.

However, not wanting to write a post saying:

> testing testing - please ignore

Instead I will mumble something about LaTeX and muse on how it would be sort of cool if I could write each post as a LaTeX document and then they’d look pretty gorgeous. Not that I need lots of equations - but really LaTeX would do it so perfectly. isn't it

Perhaps my biggest problem is that I can’t easily get a nice preview. I am editing this in Emacs using Gnus. Really given that it is Emacs there may already be a solution to my problems - or I could do it myself.

But getting back to LaTeX blogging. What might that look like? Perhaps each post would be a PDF? Or maybe the LaTeX document would be rendered as HTML? Perhaps this deserves a little more thinking.

Time to send this off and see how screwed up it looks in my posterous.