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GNUS Configuration Note 1 (of N)

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So far I have flailed around moving my email to a different structure. I have been using nnmail-use-long-file-names set to t up until now. But I decided to try it out with the default value of nil.

I had several problems this evening

  • Sent mail was going to nnfolder+nnfolder instead of nnfolder+archive as advertised. I think that this may have been caused by old settings in my .newsrc.eld. After mucking about in there I started getting my sent mail in the right place.

  • Not sure how it happened but the system acted as if nnfolder-directory was set to ~/News/nnfolder but then suddenly switched to ~/Mail/. I got that all sorted out (now set to ~/News/mail) but it took some time and my brain didn’t figure out how it was working for while. The important part here is if you move a mail file you must also move/edit the active file to list that mail group.

Some of the problems may have been caused by a rather cavalier attitude to the task. If I had sat down to do it more carefully and slowly it could have gone more smoothly.

No mail was lost so I am happy. But the system as it is currently configured is definitely not the way I want to keep it. Things to do next:

  • spam handling
  • expiry for archving (which I conflate that with sent mail processing)
  • splitting (but less splitting than I was doing previously)

But now… time for sleep.