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There Comes a Time in Every Emacs-user's Life When...

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…you just need to nuke-and-pave your configuration.

That time has come for me – especially with respect to my GNUS configuration. I’ve been using GNUS to read news since probably 1990 or earlier, before then I remember using rn.

As for email I’ve used RMAIL and VM. I don’t remember exactly when I switched GNUS but it has been probably at least 5 years.

Over that time my gnus init file has grown pretty hairy. It is time for a shave.

Over the last week I’ve switched to a pretest release of Emacs v24 and during that time I cleaned out a lot of configuration – but feared to clean out much of my gnus configuration. However in trying to get the spam checking working better I realized that a nuke-and-pave is probably the best thing to do now.

So I am about to remove nearly ALL of my gnus configuration. Pray for me.

p.s. I’ll try to blog about my luck or lack-there-of. And also any interesting bits I discover along the way.