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Kraftwerk @ MoMA

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We arrived

We were going to see Kraftwerk at MoMA and the trip didn’t start well as we sat in stop-and-go traffic through Connecticut right into NYC. Luckily we were not driving ourselves, but I still worried this was an ill omen. We even had trouble finding some quick food before the show. Even with all these problems the show was fantastic.

Wendy and I staked our claim to a bench off to the side and at the back while the surprisingly young crowd filled in in front of the stage. The view was just fine from where we were.

Before the Start

The show began with the dropping of the curtain - showing the band at their podiums.

Man Machine

They started the album off by playing Man-Machine and with the 3d glasses the visuals were interesting… but when Spacelab started they were fantastic.


The images of Spacelab orbiting the earth was great. They even used a cheap 3d trick of having the orbiting ship head straight into the audience; cheap but still fun.


The huge looming buildings, and slow pans through them fit with the song Metropolis perfectly.


The visuals for The Model were all black-and-white fashion shots - not much more interesting in ‘3d’ than not, but the next song (Neon Lights) used the 3d effects better.

Neon Lights

The album performance was capped off with We are the Robots. Everyone went wild over the robo-kraftwerk dancing and looming over the audience.

We are the Robots

Now that the album was over I was not sure what to expect; I was not disappointed with their choice of Autobahn - the visuals being computer generated VW Beetle and other cars on a seemingly infinite Autobahn. The song ended with VW pulling off the highway.


Up next was Radioactivity followed by Trans Europe Express. Then ComputerWorld and Tour De France.

Tour de France

Then my phone battery died - so not more pictures. So you’ll have to take my word on it that the rest of the show, including Technopop was fantastic.

My full set of pictures is availble on my flickr stream