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OMG Git Is Scary and Amazing

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I just bought a chainsaw - my problems are solved

I created a modification to lein-midje which allowed it to be a lein new template to help people get started with Midje. I submitted a pull request and in doing so realized that I really ought to have done my work on a branch. ugh.

Knowing that Git is super-awesome(TM) I thought there must be some necromatic incantation to take previous commit and put them on a branch. I was surprised/horrified to find out how easy it was! (the first answer, at the time of this posting, is the important one).

For the record this is all you need to do:

git branch <newbranch>
git reset --hard HEAD~2 # or however far back you want to go
git co <new branch>

It seemed to easy to I tested it out. I created a new repository with a file which was empty on the initial commit. I modified it two times committing each time. Then did the above steps. Then on the master branch I committed a different change. Now git log --all looks like this (my personal formatting stolen from garybernhardt):

virgil:foo(abranch)> git lg --all
* 0d4d369    (8 minutes)   <Mark Simpson>   (master) after branch
| * f0101f4  (9 minutes)   <Mark Simpson>   (HEAD, abranch) third co
| * d8160bf  (9 minutes)   <Mark Simpson>   second commit
* cceb15b    (10 minutes)  <Mark Simpson>   initial commit

Git is scary and cool at the same time. It is a serious chainsaw and you can get stuff done, but you could also chop your leg clean off.