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GOOS Review Chapter 13: Not Done if the Code Is Messy

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(This post is long overdue… sorry about that).

This chapter was not to long but had some points that were interesting to me.

Firstly the thought that refactoring before and after a change should be about clarifying the code via its design. This should not be thought of as cleaning or gold plating.

I found it interesting right when the Authors said that the job was not done because the code was ‘feeling messy’ my gut was telling me that the code was not too bad. This is something I’ve noticed. I think my gut is wrong and needs some new calibration.

The last item I wanted to point out was the idea that you should defer refactoring decisions until you can see/feel what the problems are. But to do this you must know that you will take the time to refactor when you know that refactoring is right. If you don’t have confidence - you will refactor prematurely.