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Cooking Chicken Soup

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In the interest in breaking my current blogging writing block I’ll record for posterity my ‘recipe’ for chicken soup.

First you need to eat some chicken so you have bones. I usually get rotisserie chickens for another recipe (Skillet Chicken Pot Pie) and then save the bones in the freezer. I use two carcasses for this recipe.

So take the bones and entomb them in a big pot with some carrots, celery, garlic and onion. Don’t worry about chopping up the vegetables or even peeling them - this step is making stock.

Look at the bones!

(The clever ones among you will note that I didn’t tell you how much of these things to put in. I am doing this in honor of my mother on this Mother’s Day.)

Now put in enough water to drown it all…

Now with water

and bring it to a boil.

Starting to Simmer

Let it boil for as long as you can stand to. You want it to get all the good tastes out of the chicken bones and vegetables. I usually let it go for 2-4 hours and stir it occasionally. I don’t let it boil down more than half-way however.

At this point it should be filling up your house with a very delicious aroma.

Boiling down

After boiling it down you need to strain out all the solid bits and throw them away. I have not included a picture of this because it looks rather unpleasant and might put you off the recipe. But take my word for it - this bit of unpleasantness will be worth it.

What you have now is chicken stock. Do with it what you will!

I usually choose to turn right around and create soup. I now put in carrots, celery, onion, garlic, maybe peas. These, since you will be eating them should be peeled, cleaned, etc.

Now making it into soup

I usually, because I am lazy, add a pasta to this soup, but potato or rice could be used instead.

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