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Project Cancelled & Layoffs. Still Here but Don't Know What I'm Working on Yet. Just Polishing Up Code Right Now.

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Yesterday we had some layoffs - my project lost 4 people in Boston
alone, another 5 in our other offices. Layoffs happened across the
company. Then we found out that the project itself was also
cancelled. We'll be assigned to other projects but we don't know what
those will be yet.

So nothing left to do but do a little polishing of the code, fixing a
couple bugs so that when the code is put on the shelf it is in
reasonable shape to be taken down for demos or even restarting

At least i won't be needing to work long hours and weekends until the
end of the month!

Slow-motion Bike vs. Goose Accident. The Geese Need to Learn to Signal Their Turns! I Hope the Goose Is Ok. #bikecommute

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There were 3 geese in the path as i approached slowly. I rang my bell
and they started to move away as i continued to approach. Two went
left toward the river; one right. I was slowed to a slow walking pace
as i got to the geese. That is when the right-hand goose decided to
become a left-hand goose. It dashed in front of me and i braked and
swerved - we collided and then it went squawking away.

I do hope it is ok.

Did Not Let Forecasted Rain Keep Me From My #bikecommute. I Will Be Damp - but Happy!

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This morning when i thought - "damn it is going to be raining hard - i
wont' ride my bike today" i realized i got a little down, a little
sad. So i reconsidered - got my windbreaker out (not waterproof - but
water "resistant") and rode in anyway.

The rain hit me about 1/3 into the ride - but it never got very heavy
so i am only slightly damp. More sweaty than rain-wet. The
windbreaker keeps me very warm and it is unseasonably HOT out there.

I may ditch on the ride home and pick my bike up from work over the
weekend because it might be REALLY raining then. But maybe not -
maybe i'll ride home in the rain and get really soaked - i can always
hop in the shower and put on dry clothes when i get home.

I don't want to let the weather keep me from riding as much as it did
last year and the year before. I do still need to get some better
clothing for rain and cold. I am determined to ride as much as i can
and not just be a fair weather rider.

Wondering if There Is One Agile Practice/principal Which Is Key - Without It You Screwed. Am Thinking It Is 'Team'.

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Why 'Team'? I feel that without a committed team all the other
practices will fall off - stories will be allowed to be not completed,
to be said to be done without being really *DONE*. Unit testing will
drop off, acceptance tests will be allowed to fail etc..

Why do I even wonder if there is /one/ central thing? When I first
learned this whole Agile thing I saw a diagram of the XP technical
practices and how they interrelated and it happen to show TDD in the
center. Since TDD was the thing that I really latched on to in the
beginning the diagram was great to me - it showed the centrality of
this important (to me) practice. Since then I've come to realize that
probably none of those technical practices are truly central - they
rely upon one another an can be replace with other (but not
necessarily as good) practices (i.e. code reviews for pair

But I still have the thought that maybe some thing is mandatory -
without it Agile (in whatever flavor) is just not going to work.

Last night at dinner after the Agile Bazaar mini-conference I brought
up this idea to Ron (whose last name escapes me currently - his
business card is at home) and he suggested it was Flow (from the Lean
camp). I think I can see his point; but I am still thinking it is
Team. Without a committed team how could you have good flow?

Need to roll this around in my head a bit - and maybe bounce it off
some more smart people t see if there is any merit to this line of