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Gambled on the Weather and Lost, Last Night and Again This Morning. At Least Its Not Cold! #bikecommute

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The mist got heavier as I left Wendy and the bus stop then turned to
light rain while heading toward MIT. This tapered off and finally
stopped by the time I was in Back Bay and I even started to dry off
near Chinatown (except for the small splash I got from a passing car -
damn!). Then as I neared the office, right as i got to Congress St
the light rain appeared again and i couldn't get my rain jacket on or
zipped in time not to get back to damp.

 But at least it wasn't cold.

Waiting on a Build (Again). *yawn* Someone Wake Me When It Is Done.

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The build is getting slower. It now takes 55-60 minutes for a full
rebuild - and not much slower for just a build. I wonder how slow
this build needs to get before other team members will be bothered by

 Of course we have already made a build target that lets you build
_without_ the unit tests and that is much faster (but more risky).
But that is just ducking the issue really.

 We have built up quite a bit of debt in this regard. Everyone skips
around it saying that they don't have time to fix it - they have their
stories to work on etc. It is really feeling dishonest/dishonorable
to me when i do this lately. I guess it will be me that at least
makes a stink about it - if not just fix it.