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My New/Old Bike:

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The Schwinn was left outside my house. I adopted it and when no one
came to claim it I started working on getting it ridable. First a white
chain for the Black bike seemed perfect. Then it got some lubrication
and new brakes along with the first attempt to fix the rear hub. The
first attempt didn't hold. Second gear slipped into neutral, a few
times in traffic (very scary) and there just wasn't any first gear at
all. Then I brought it to Broadway Bicycle school because they were a closer
shop that was said to be good with 3spd hubs. I had wanted to get it
overhauled by them but in the end decided to replace both wheels
instead. Definitely a big splurge on those; two new hand-built wheels.
The rear hub is now a 1990 (February) Sturmey Archer 3spd Hub.

 I rode it home, a short trip, and it was fantastic! Can't wait to ride
it again (hopefully tomorrow - damn the cold!).

First Bike Ride/Commute of 2009!

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Cold but dry so it was a good first ride. The Bike Path was poorly
plowed (if at all) so it was a bad idea to take it. On the way home
I'll be sticking to the streets (which are well plowed and nice and

OMG: I Can See the Fnords! (or Least One...)

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Getting off the Red Line in Harvard Sq. after work today i saw a small
sticker pasted over the writing that is just to the side of the doors.
The small sticker said simply "fnord".

 Of course these stickers have existed for decades now i am sure. But
somehow, coincidentally, improbably, i have never seen one until just
now - a mere week(-ish) or so after i read The Illumanatus! Trilogy.
(No, i had never read the damn thing before... yeah, yeah i know i am
some 20+ years late on it... so sue me!).

 I wish i had seen it earlier so i could have at least gotten a cellphone
picture of it. But of course what would it have looked like? A digital
photograph of a fnord?

Disappointed by the Ice That Kept Me From Biking to Work This Morning.

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It was a skating rink all the way up to Central Square. Luckily we
caught a bus a few blocks from the house.

 I was hoping that today would be my first bike commute of the New
Year. I want to ride much more this year so i can't use cold weather
as an excuse.

 Definitely once i get the black bike back from the shop (with its new
hubs and wheels) i'll bike all the time (Wendy told me that if i don't
after spending that much money on it she'll kick my ass :) )

p.s. i did see my neighbor Guy leave with his bicycle this morning -
but he only has 1-2 miles to go to Harvard - he could walk it and then
ride his bike home this evening. Lucky him.

Dear Mr. Unix-Commandline: Thank You for All Your Years of Admirable Service.

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Sure we had some communication problems back in the beginning, and we
still have some misunderstandings with respect to your feelings on
proper quoting rules; but I feel that over the years we have come to
have a very beneficial, profitable relationship.

 I don't know how I would do much of my day-to-day work (both at work
and at home) without your little helpful utilities: find, sed, awk,

 So once again - thank you.