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Skimming/rereading Refactoring[Fowler]. Why Didn't This Stuff Sink in Earlier? Also Feeling a Bit Dumb - I Could Do OO Better.

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Looking at what was written i see plenty of TDD (or at least plenty of
unit testing) which leverages the ability to refactor; and leverages the
ability to make changes quickly and thus be quicker to deliver those

 I also see plenty about simple design vs. big up-front design.

 Why didn't this stuff get into my head when i first read this book?
Nowadays I'm all over this "agile" stuff.

 Also i feel like i do OO pretty poorly. I need to work or that more -
to be more proficient at it. I guess i am just much more of a
declarative/imperative sort of programmer at present (even after all
this time working in OO languages).

Changing Over My Mail Archiving Plans in Gnus. Let's See How This Works...

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Unfortunately i don't have any of my mail since before 2000. The
earliest mail i have currently is a short exchange i had with Richard
Stallman about a GPL question related to my tnef project

 I wish i had earlier emails. I'll have to see if i have emails
elsewhere on my hard drive and then suck them into gnus so that i have
them all in one spot.

 I wish i had started splitting my mail properly earlier in gnus - i had
to manually split a whole lot of already archived mail since i don't see
the need to archive all my mailing lists.

 (of course all this work is in addition to the backup-style archiving
that GMail does for me...)

Sitting Upright on a Bicycle Is Much Nicer Than Hunched Over Handlebars.

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Because the Schwinn is kaput due to my amazing mechanical expertise
and i really wanted to ride my bike in today; I rode the Raleigh.

 The Raleigh is a mid-90's generic hybrid bike. Straight bars, 21-ish
gears. I've put fenders and a rack on it at least.

 It will do for now in the remaining good weather until i get one of
the more civilized 3spds fixed up. Then i can go back to sitting up
straight in the saddle, steering with relaxed hands instead of hunched
over leaning on my palms.

Bike: 1, Mark: 0. Simple Tire Change Ended Up With Non-functional Bike

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First the tire from the Schwinn is weird. It was really tough to get
off the wheel in the first place. Then it was nigh impossible to get
the new tire back on - in the process i screwed the tube because it
won't hold air.

 At this point i switched to another wheel i had around. Tube & tire
went on that pretty easy. Putting it onto the bike was another matter.
Partially rounded at least one nut and did something funky to the front
hub itself - now it doesn't really want to turn. Something is tightened
too much and i don't have the patience to figure it out (that is if i
have the knowledge to figure it out - it might be beyond my meager
bicycle mechanics skills).

 So starting with a bike that had wobbly/bumpy tires but could be ridden,
i have ended this evening up with a bike that can't be ridden at all. So if i want to ride to work tomorrow it will have to be on the Trek
as the BSA still has the wonky hub with the always on coaster brake.
But the Trek doesn't have lights anymore (i moved them onto the Schwinn
naturally) so that won't work unless i leave work early or swap the
lights early tomorrow morning.


My Wife the Novelist

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Wendy completed her story yesterday early evening with 50,643 words.
She says she'll let me read it, i am honored.

 Now if i could only go and complete some of my 'projects' like that.
One take-away of the NaNiWriMo is to
have a goal and a deadline. The goal should be a bit difficult but

 I'll have to try to fit that into my projects. That might help me get
things done.

Sitting Down After Pleasant (but VERY WINDY) Bike Ride With Wendy to Pick Up a Book (Which Is Her Reward for Meeting Her NaNoWriMo Goal)

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The Black Schwinn is working out well even without first gear. However
there is some sort of shimmy in the front or rear wheel and the saddle &
stem are too low. Raised those some and will have to look into the

The ride down the Esplanade was lovely; but very very windy. Coming
back with the wind in our faces we decided to walk some - i think it was
faster. I knew we were riding slowly when a jogger passed us.

This afternoon's plan: reading Dark Heresy rules, laundry, other reading
and maybe some programming (Project Euler probably). Wendy will be
writing her novel. When she reaches her goal for the weekend she can
sit down and read the book she bought - but not before!