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Change Is Scary

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Today I did something that was hard for me - something I haven’t done for a decade - I quit my job and accepted another one. It hasn’t been a decade because my current job was so great, as people who I have talked with over the last couple years know, but because I was scared. Change is not easy for me - especially change which seems big to me - like changing my job. I pay my mortgage with that paycheck after all, thus I put a lot of importance upon it, probably too much.

But now change is happening. My new position may not be my “dream job”, I don’t even know what that might be frankly, but I think it has a good chance of being a better job. I’ll be working with some great people and I am sure I’ll learn a lot.

I’ll be put in the position where people are going to expect I’ll know a lot of things - and I’m simply not going to. I’m going to try to deal with those situations, when they arise, without running away screaming.

This change has been long overdue, but I am finally taking it.

Here’s to change.