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Bike Ride Report: Longer, Cuter Than Expected

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On Saturday (2011-06-18) I set out for a 50 mile ride. I was going to
do my 'usual' loop[1] backwards (/e.g./ home -> Norumbega -> Walden ->
Concord -> Bedford -> Lexington -> Home (plus something more to fill in
extra mileage). It did not turn out as expected...

For one, it was cuter than expected. I saw a total of 10 chipmunks[2]
(3 suicidal), 1 groundhog, a serene black-and-white cat sitting on a log
in the woods and 1 duck with bevy of ducklings paddling along in a
culvert. That along with the usual set of squirrels and birds made for
a high cute-level of the ride.

Secondly the ride was longer than expected. I was 6-7 miles short when
I stopped off at home to refresh my water and make some. I decided to
take the loop around the Charles, boring, but would be easy enough -
even with the remnants of Bruins fans littering the ground. However
when 50 showed up on my odometer I decided to press on - I was feeling
pretty good[3]. In all I rode 62.39 miles. That put me just into the
100km territory - thus I have unlocked my next 'achievement': Metric

One other oddity of this ride: tourists at the Norumbega tower. I was
sitting there at my first way-point sipping my coffee when they arrived
in two cars and came up and started reading the plaque. As I prepared
to leave I told them about the plaque at Mt. Auburn Hospital and the
Lief Erikson statue on the Commonwealth Mall. Then they asked what else
I knew about this odd guy - thus I became briefly a sort of tour-guide
for New England's bogus Viking heritage. I am annoyed with myself that
I never asked them what brought them to the tower however.

Trip Statistics:
* Miles: 62.39
* Riding Time: 5:38:44
* Total Time: (uh... more...)
* Average Speed: ~11mph

I am quite pleasantly surprised that even after such a long ride my
knees/legs/butt is doing pretty well. Right after the ride I was pretty
beat, and the next day as well my knees (especially the right)
complained about stairs. Now on the 2nd day after there seems to be no
problems and riding my bike today felt great. A hundred miles seems
very doable given time in the day. I'm going to do a few more 62 mile
runs and at least one 75 before I do my Century. I might be able to do
it as early as September which might make a great thing to do for my

Footnotes: [1] Here usual means the route I've taken twice before.

[2] They must have been metric chipmunks since on average they appeared
1 per 10km

[3] Of course about a mile later, one knee and the opposite calf
started complaining. Typical.