Code And Cocktails

Code'n'Cocktails - Crazy Idea?

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I jokingly I mentioned the idea of Code’n’Cocktails on Twitter…!/verdammelt/status/158292007981289472

This was shortly after a short conversation while partaking of aprés Boston Software Craftsmanship beers in which I was asked about cocktails and someone suggested getting cocktails after the meeting next time. It was also immediately after I was asked when we were going to get cocktails by @zdsbs (prompted by my tweeting I had just purchased a book of Absinthe Cocktail recipes).

I did but jest (poison in jest; no offense i’the world [Hamlet III.ii.234-235])…

But now I am thinking it through.

I have heard of ‘Code & Coffee’ and thought it a good idea. A place to meet people who like code and coffee. While I really like coffee, I also like cocktails and I seem to be surrounded by people who get up later than I do - so why not meet after work for cocktails and code? Brilliant!

So what would a Code’n’Cocktail look like? I see a few possibilities:

  1. A cocktail party where code/coding is the topic of conversation
  2. A coding dojo/coderetreat/code kata session with booze
  3. A salon for coding

I think the first and last are very similar and given my inclinations I like the connotations of referring to it as a salon. I think that would be my preference. I would not want to limit it entirely to discussion; so some coding would be good.

What do I hope attendees would get out of such an event? I think attendees should have fun and at least one of: learn something, teach something, make contacts.

This sort of event would have to happen at a bar or someone’s home. I don’t see how it could happen at someone’s workplace or a place like NERD as it obviously needs a well stocked bar. The problem is location. The Location would need to be able to accommodate an prior-to-event unknown number of people (making a reservation would be difficult); and accommodate the possibility of coding (standing at a bar may not work). I think an off night at a bar might work - the place would love to get business on a slow night…

The gears in my mind are turning. If you have interest or thoughts please comment or contact me.