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Problems Deploying to Heroku After Upgrading Octopress

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Just a note (perhaps for my future self).

I had considerable problems after upgrading Octopress and then trying to deploy my blog to Heroku.

The problems stemmed from the update to the Gemfile. There were two problems:

Firstly: everything except for sinatra was put into the :development group. Heroku runs bundle --without=development so all those gems will be missing.

Secondly: due to an earlier problem with the pygment and python environments I need to keep the following in my Gemfile

gem 'pygments.rb', '= 0.2.3'
gem 'rubypython', '= 0.5.1'

After I fixed those two problems deploying to Heroku worked fine.

One bright side is that I now know how to use heroku releases:rollback to shift back to a previous version. This let me keep my blog up and running while I tried to figure out the problem. (Not that anyone actually reads it…)