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GOOS Review Ch 14 & 15

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(Just a quick post about chapters 14 & 15 of GOOS to get myself back into the swing of things after a while…)

A few points hit me during these two chapters. Things which I know but which perhaps are not entirely second nature to me yet (even after all these years)

  • In chapter 14 new features were added with little fuss - the relatively clean design allowed for this.
  • Chapter 15 showed doing refactorings bit by bit - it kept tests red for a while but they got done. Just because it will take a while doesn’t mean not to do it.
  • Chapter 15 also saw the developers thinking about how to continue down the path they were one was going to be pretty annoying/boring. They took this to mean that they were doing something wrong. They stopped and thought about it and found a better design which allowed their needed changes to be easier.

These are three important things to internalize:

  • Good clean design leads to ease in implementing new features.
  • A refactoring might be hard - but that is not a reason not to do it.
  • If the change you need to do is hard / annoying - step back and figure out why (see the first point).

These are all things I know; but in the heat of the moment will tend to forget. I need to really get them internalized; then I can choose to ignore them at certain circumstances, but then I’ll do it more explicitly and know the pros and cons.

Also as a side note there were some good points where the OO design skills shone through. For example the addition of Java enum objects which quickly became feature-ful objects which caused cleaner code elsewhere (Column and SniperState)