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Cocktail: Bijou

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I visited Brick and Mortar before Thanksgiving for a Sazerac and to let Lisa know that I’d be in on Monday with the Code-and-Cocktails group. She pointed to a cocktail on their menu she thought I might like. Misty came over after my Sazerac was done and I ordered it; since it had [Chartreuse][chartreuse] in it I decided to ask her what the differences, if any, there were between Green and Yellow Chartreuse. Turns out there are a bunch of differences and Misty was quite happy to tell me about them. I asked if I could have a taste of each to compare and she obliged.

I’m bad at describing tastes but I can say that Yellow Chartreuse is sweeter and not as strong, the Green is a stronger Liqueur and not as sweet, more herbal.

After this experiment I decided I needed to get some and add more drinks to my home repertoire. After buying it I pinged Misty on twitter and asked for a recommendation for a drink combining gin, or rye, or vermouth (my staples) with the Chartreuse. She pointed me at the Bijou. The recipe she gave me was: equal parts gin, chartreuse and sweet vermouth (I did 1oz), a dash of orange bitters and lemon oil garnishing.

The taste was very complicated and very good. Chartreuse is something I am going to continue to explore.